Packages, Please: A Ludum Dare 53 submission

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Create a game in 72 hours with the theme 'Delivery'? Deal. A Paper's Please clone.

Written by: David Ward

The 'Packages, Please' project preview image

Only 72 hours to make a game!

Yep. That’s Ludum Dare! Number 53.

Full breakdown and retrospective

This is TBD, as there was a LOT learned! But I want to be thorough. When I do create it, I will backlink from this post.

Until then… Enjoy the project. Scroll to the bottom for links.

Game Features

  • Multiple input support, and key icon changes depending on last used input
  • Randomly generated customers - Always see a new face!
  • Increasing difficulty - More rules get added over time
  • Earning money to be able to afford rent… No government subsidies for you.
  • Days - How long can you last until life is finally unafforable?
  • Depressing random quotes from the poor citizens of the city with each parcel.

The project itself

Find it here!


  • : I have updated this blog post to include the details of the project. I plan to write a full breakdown of how the 72 hours went in a new blog post in a future date.