kgc-companion: The tool for sharing King God Castle teams

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Create and share formations and team compositions for the mobile game 'King God Castle' with this tool!

Written by: David Ward

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I used to play a mobile game called King God Castle, an RPG gatcha game where character development and team formations were a pivital point to your success in the game.

If you had a bad team, or placed your team in the map in an inefficient way, there was a high likelihood you were going to lose, and with the game’s Food system (the resource you spend to go into a mission) being tied directly to time or real cash dollars spent, you want your attempts to be as successful as possible.

Enter this tool.


I really wanted to explore using Elixir and Liveview for this project. I also use Tailwind for styling.


  • Formation Builder
    • Drag and drop heroes from the Hero Pool up into the Formation Zone
    • Name your team formation
    • Accidentally dragged a hero you don’t need? Drag it into the Trash Zone
    • Export formation to image
      • Uses javascript canvas library to generate a PNG of the Formation Zone. (Note: Quite buggy)
  • Team Builder
    • Export formation to image
      • Uses javascript canvas library to generate a PNG of the full Team Builder screen. (Note: Quite buggy)
    • Meta details
      • Name your team, give it a description (such as item priority), and designate which game mode the team is for by selecting a purpose
    • Altars
      • Use single arrows (+/- 1 point) or double arrows (+/- 5 points) to choose
    • Team
      • Choose each hero, including their Barracks level, awakening, and relic stat priority
    • Relics
      • Choose both relics and their tier, as well as whether they are required for the comp or not

The project

Find it here!


  • : As I no longer play the game, I will not be updating it any further. As such, I have also let the old domain expire.